Bringing together global experts in a wide range of digital technologies allows the Centre to push research techniques to a new level

Oxford e-Research Centre is home to an internationally prestigious team of multidisciplinary researchers committed to accelerating the pace of research through the use of innovative technology.  Key to our success is our expertise within the key technology areas shown below. It is our developments in these areas that help us to apply unique computational solutions for fields as diverse as the physical sciences & engineering, social sciences, humanities, biological sciences and more.

Our work covers a wide range of scientific computing and many-core acceleration activities including both theoretical studies & real world applications

Research Projects have always generated a considerable quantity of data and as the amount of information created continues to increase rapidly, issues around its management and curation are becoming increasingly important.

The Centre's activities within this area include, amongst others, work on web science, social machines, and the development of knowledge infrastructures.

The technological infrastructure required to support digital research is a key focus for the e-Research Centre. Our diverse portfolio of projects helps set the requirements for research computing infrastructure both within Oxford and in the wider world.

In an era of data deluge the fields of visualization & visual computing can support a wide range of interdisciplinary research. We are an international leader in areas including theory of visualization, video visualization, and knowledge-assisted visualization.