Internet, Information & Interaction


internet, information and interaction

The e-Research Centre's activities within this area include working with the Oxford Internet Institute on Oxford’s Web Science Laboratory, part of a major international programme including some of the world’s leading academic researchers in Web Science.

We are also part of SOCIAM, a £12M research programme working towards giving society the ability to build the next generation of ‘social machines’, with capabilities ranging from solving routine tasks to handling emergencies.

Additionally the Centre is working with groups including the libraries to develop and build a range of knowledge infrastructures.

SOCIAM: The Theory and Practice of Social Machines - Research into methods of supporting purposeful human interaction on the Web.

The Web Science Trust has established an international network bringing together world-class research laboratories to support Web Science research & education

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Current Projects

Aiming to give society the ability to build the next generation of ‘social machines’ – with capabilities ranging from solving routine tasks to handling emergencies.
Creating better climate models requires vast amounts of computing power. uses a screensaver to combine the power of thousands of ordinary computers, each tackling one small but key part of the problem.
Many situations require traceable accuracy of data when it passes from the provider to different analysis communities. MyTrustedCloud is working with energy suppliers to construct a prototype of trust-capable cloud infrastructure

Past Projects

Neuroscience is a multidisciplinary activity involving participants collaborating from the mathematical, physical and life sciences as well as the medical sciences. It is dependent upon information technologies, computational capabilities and access to a range of instruments.
The UK National Grid Service (NGS) is a national consortium of computational and data resource that makes use of defined open standard grid interfaces to provide services to academia.
SIENA will contribute to defining a future eInfrastructures roadmap focusing on interoperability and standards.
The deployment of Shibboleth infrastructure has reached a point in its evolution where it is possible to develop a production service for the UK National Grid Service.
Examining the coming breakthroughs in e-science that could have wider social and economic implications in other sectors of society
A project focussing on the digital challenges of providing personalised health information to help spot problems before they happen
Working to maximise the uptake, use and impact of new e-technologies across the social science community, to support world-class social science research.
The Cancer and Cardiac Imaging project is a collaboration between University of Oxford and the Technical Computing Initiative of Microsoft Corporation
Providing a medical image analysis framework & investigating collaborative technologies for the analysis of medical images
Providing a framework to allow researchers and clinicians involved in Cancer Imaging to share information, images and algorithms.
“How complicated can, or should, a dynamic electricity tariff be?” ADEPT looks at how information smart meters might potentially be exploited to the advantage of both network operator & customer.