Reliable high performance JSDL enabled brokering system (GRIDBS)

Reliable high performance JSDL enabled brokering system

This project will integrate existing components to provide a reliable, high performance resource brokering system that is capable of accepting jobs submitted by the user, matching it to resources that are publishing into an information system, and then submitting revised JSDL to the matched resource and tracking the job.

We propose building such a system by integrating an existing, reliable, high performance brokering system with the commonly used information systems (MDS/BDII, Grimoires etc) and with GridSAM.

Within this project Condor will be used to perform the brokering, however the integration will be performed in such a way as to enable other brokering systems to be used. We believe that Condor currently provides the most reliable and high performance brokering available. The integration with JSDL will be where the job is submitted from the brokering framework to the matched resource. Integration with the information systems will enable the acquisition of information from existing information sources such as the MDS/BDII and Grimoires and convert this into a format understood by the brokering system.