High Performance Distributed Network Operation (HiPerDNO)

High Performance Distributed Network Operation (HiPerDNO)

Existing electricity distribution management systems (DMS) have been designed using operational and algorithmic procedures that are highly centralised. As more of the distribution network becomes active, moving rapidly from the current minority to the future majority1, accurately estimating the state of the system becomes essential and therefore algorithms and procedures must be highly scalable to achieve the required near to real-time state estimation.

Presently there are severely limited data processing, storage and communications resources within existing DMS. Data communications bandwidth is one example of potentially severe bottlenecks in state-of-the-art DMS. Furthermore, existing electricity distribution networks lack significant monitoring or metering points and hence do not support the massively distributed connection of active network assets (sensors and instrumentation, responsive load) or active electricity customers (smart meters, small-scale embedded generation). Many European countries are planning or beginning major asset replacement and renewal programmes with regard to electricity distribution networks. EDF Energy in the UK is committed to major asset replacement and renewal over the next five years. Such a major asset replacement initiative represents an ideal opportunity for the massively distributed deployment of state of the art network metering, monitoring and instrumentation. However, major research and development of high performance ICT infrastructure will also be required to fully exploit the investment return on such new assets and to defer further asset deployment. Future potential financial benefits and cost savings to large-scale distribution network owners and operators can be measured in hundreds of millions of Euros. 

Due to the size of the collaboration only members of the project from University of Oxford are listed below. Please go to http://www.hiperdno.eu for full collaborator details.

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