Flexible Services for the Support of Research (FLESSR)

Flexible Services for the Support of Research

This pilot will deliver a public-private hybrid cloud architecture and two demonstrators providing higher level services for the support of research. The demonstrators will be a software development management system, allowing multiple platforms to be used for large project development and a simple on-demand block storage system available for research data.

Simulation has evolved rapidly to become the third pillar of scientific research. There are an increasing number of fields within which existing and newly developed software applications are required and as such their development and support will be key to the fields continued development.

This increase in the volume of simulation means that the management of large-scale research data has become a significant issue. Raw data is only of any real use once it has been processed to add various levels of metadata and meaning. At the same time it is important during the life of a project that the raw data in its purest form is kept. We already have on-demand, “pay as you go” computational power, now we will be able to do the same for storage.

The cloud solutions will use private cloud solutions installed in the two HEI partners and a public cloud in Eduserv. These will be accessible and controlled through the eZEEL management layer which will interface into UK NGS compatible AAA mechanisms.

Overall our intention is to develop an efficient, secure, scalable and sustainable cloud solution in support of research and to significantly help the HE community to understand the practical and policy issues associated with working across hybrid private-public clouds.

Project Outputs