COSMOS - COordination Of Standards In MetabOlomicS

COSMOS - COordination Of Standards In MetabOlomicS

October 2012 marked the launch of a global effort to enable free and open sharing of metabolomics data.

Coordinated by EMBL-European Bioinformatics Institute, COSMOS (Coordination of Standards in Metabolomics) has brought together European metabolomics data providers to set and promote community standards.

The partners will develop policies to ensure that metabolomics data is encoded in open standards; tagged with agreed metadata; supported by open source data management and capturing tools; disseminated in open-access databases; supported by vendors and publishers; and properly interfaced with data in other biomedical and life science e-infrastructures.

Linking with e-infrastructures

In addition to capturing and storing extremely large volumes of data, e-infrastructures must be capable of disseminating these data based on open and widely accepted community standards. The new project is well timed, as it coincides with the development of repositories such as MetaboLights ( and the growing support for life science e-infrastructures such as ELIXIR, EU-OPENSCREEN and BBMRI.

The e-Research Centre’s members involved in this project are:

Philippe Rocca-Serra , Eamonn Maguire , Alejandra Gonzalez-Beltran and Susanna-Assunta Sansone .

The COSMOS project also leverages on the ISA framework.

For more details please email Philippe Rocca-Serra or visit