CLARIN is building a pan-European research infrastructure of connected and supported tools and services based on open access and shared services, to allow detailed and complex exploration of linguistic data.

CLARIN will allow faster research with lower barriers to entry,  will enable new forms of research by connecting data and tools and people in new ways, and will facilitate more multi- and interdisciplinary research.

Martin Wynne of the e-Research Centre is Director for User Involvement in the CLARIN ERIC, with responsibility for co-ordinating activities to promote the uptake and use of CLARIN services in the humanities and social sciences across Europe.

Oxford e-Research Centre was also a key partner, with a seat on the Executive Board, in the 'preparatory phase' project 2008-11 which laid the groundwork for CLARIN, and we continue to coordinate UK participation in CLARIN and to participate as a centre in the distributed network of service providers.

Some experimental and demonstrator services are available from the Oxford e-Research Centre via the OTA CLARIN website.