ASEArch - Algorithms and Software for Emerging Architectures

ASEArch Algorithms and Software for Emerging Architectures

Algorithms and Software for Emerging Architectures (ASEArch) is a new EPSRC-funded Collaborative Computational Project (CCP). 

Led by the Oxford e-Research Centre, in collaboration with Bristol University and STFC staff at both Daresbury and RAL, ASEArch is investigating the use of novel architectures such as NVIDIA GPUs and Intel Xeon Phi accelerators, and assisting the other CCPs in their exploitation.

EPSRC has committed £3.5M to support seven application CCPs in addition to ASEArch. We are working with those CCPs to assess the suitability of these new architectures for their applications, and where appropriate assisting them in porting to these new platforms.

This work builds on other research on many-core computing in OeRC, in particular within the NVIDIA CUDA Centre of Excellence, and at Bristol University, in particular as part of the Intel Parallel Computing Centre.

The members of ASEArch include:

  • Prof Mike Giles (Oxford)
  • Prof Anne Trefethen (Oxford)
  • Prof David De Roure (Oxford)
  • Dr Stef Salvini (Oxford)
  • Simon McIntosh-Smith (Bristol)
  • Dr Peter Oliver (STFC RAL)
  • Dr Jennifer Scott (STFC RAL)
  • Prof Nick Gould (STFC RAL)
  • Dr Jonathan Hogg (STFC RAL)
  • Dr Evgueni Ovtchinnikov (STFC RAL)
  • Lucian Anton (STFC Daresbury)
  • Dr Mark Mawson (STFC Daresbury)

The information on this website is organised in the following sections: