Dr Simon Walton
BSc (hons), PhD

Research Associate


Research Interests

  • Video visualisation/summarisation
  • Perceptual understanding of layered information
  • 3D&4D volume visualisation
  • Biomedical visualisation / Medical imaging

Previous Positions

  • BSc (Hons) Computer Science, Swansea University, 2004
  • PhD Computer Science (GPU-based Volume Deformation), Swansea University, 2007
  • Research Assistant, Swansea University, 2009-2011

Selected Bibliography

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  • Thesis - GPU-based Volume Deformation (2007) (PDF)
  • S. Walton and M. W. Jones, Interacting with Volume Data: Deformations using Forward Projection, Fourth International Conference on Medical Information Visualisation -- BioMedical Visualisation (MediVis 2007), 48--53, (IEEE July 2007) [ISBN 0-7695-2904-6] (bibtex)
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  •  Personal website (not affilated with Oxford University or Oxford e-Research Centre) - http://simonwalton.me/