Dr Philippe Rocca-Serra

Technical Project Leader

+44(0)1865 610657
ISA infrastructure home page: http://www.isa-tools.org
BioSharing: http://www.biosharing.org

ISA github repository: http://www.github.com/ISA-tools


Philippe Rocca-Serra, after an engineering degree from University of Rennes, received his PhD in Molecular Genetics from University of Bordeaux. He worked at EMBL-EBI in the helping establishing the european microarray archive. He has 10 years of practice in data management and has been an active member of several standardization efforts, aiming at promoting open data and open science vision. He is technical coordinator of the ISA project, part of the OBO Foundry editorial board and participates to resource development as part of the OBI project.


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 Conferences and Meetings:

  • Biocuration, 2013, Cambridge, UK.
  • Beyond the PDF, 2013, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
  • CSHALS, 2013, Boston, USA.
  • ISMB, 2012, Longbeach, USA.