Dr Neil Caithness

Senior Researcher

+44 (0)1865 610608

Dr Neil Caithness is a Senior Researcher in the OeRC.

I am a data scientist with 20 years’ experience working in scientific and research computing. At the OeRC I have built a successful portfolio of projects that have delivered distributed and cloud based tools for biologists. Notable among these is the Oxford Batch Operation Engine (OBOE), a drop-and-compute tool for doing batch computations in the cloud, produced for the ViBRANT project, and the Local Ecological Footprinting Tool (LEFT) produced in collaboration with Statoil and the Zoology Department at Oxford University. LEFT is used widely by professional environmental consultants and is a model system for the development of further research and environmental assessment tools. Working principally in Matlab I am also actively involved in developing new methods and algorithms in statistical machine learning.

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