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Professor of e-Research

Fellow of Wolfson College ORCID 0000-0001-9074-3016
+44 (0)1865 610703

David De Roure is Professor of e-Research at University of Oxford and Director of the Oxford e-Research Centre . He has strategic responsibility for Digital Humanities at Oxford within the The Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities, collaborates in Oxford's Web Science laboratory with the Oxford Internet Institute, and is a member of the Oxford Cyber Security Centre. He is a Strategic Advisor to the UK Economic and Social Research Council in the area of new forms of data and real time analytics.

Focused on advancing digital scholarship, David works closely with multiple disciplines including social sciences (studying social machines), digital humanities (computational musicology), computer science (large scale distributed systems and social computing) and previously sciences and social statistics. He has extensive experience in hypertext, Web, Linked Data, and Internet of Things. Drawing on this broad interdisciplinary background he is a frequent speaker and writer on digital scholarship and the future of scholarly communications.

David was closely involved in the UK e-Science programme and from 2009-2013 was the UK National Strategic Director for Digital Social Research. He is a UK representative on the European  e-Infrastructure Reflection Group, a board member of the Square Kilometre Array telescope Science Data Processor consortium, a partner in the UK Software Sustainability Institute and from 2011-2013 was a Research Fellow at the Graduate School of Library and Information Science at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.  Prior to moving to Oxford in 2010 he was Professor of Computer Science at University of Southampton and director of the Centre for Pervasive Computing in the Environment.

He is a Fellow of the British Computer Society, a Member of the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications, a Supernumerary Fellow of Wolfson College  and a member of the  Wolfson College Digital Research Cluster .


Prof David De Roure
Oxford e-Research Centre
University of Oxford
7 Keble Road

Tel: +44(0)1865 610703

Twitter: @dder

Tel: +44 (0)1865 610703
Fax: +44(0)1865 610612

Current projects

FAST - Fusing Audio and Semantic Technologies Transforming Musicology SOCIAM Theory and Practice of Social Machines
Square Kilometre Array Science Data Processor Digital Humanities @ Oxford Smart Society
The Software Sustainability Institute Claros - CLassical Art Research Online Services ESRC Strategic Adviser for Data Resources

Past projects

e-Research South  regional consortium e-Stat  quantitative Digital Social Research node myExperiment  social web site for sharing workflows
NeuroHub  information environment for Neuroscientists Ubhave  Ubiquitous and social computing for positive behaviour change Wf4Ever  - Workflow Forever
SALAMI  Structural Analysis of Large Amounts of Music Information Digital Social Research   programme  

Recent talks

  • The Social Machines Paradigm. Keynote at Web Science and Data Analytics Summer School, Singapore, December 2014. Powerpoint . Slideshare .
  • The Social Machines of Scholarly Collaboration. Closing keynote at IGeLU, Oxford, September 2014. Powerpoint .  Slideshare .
  • Executable Music Documents . Short paper presentation at Digital Libraries for Musicology workshop held at Digital Libraries 2014, London, September 2014. Slideshare .Paper available on ORA .
  • The wider environment of open scholarship.  Jisc and CNI conference, Bristol, July 2014. Slideshare .
  • Taking IT for granted: a long view into the future , closing talk at IT as a Utility Conference , Southampton, June 2014. Slideshare .
  • The Future of Scholarly Communications . UKSG 37th Annual Conference and Exhibition: Harrogate, April 2014. Slideshare .
  • Working out the Plot: the Role of Stories in Social Machines . Paper by Ségolène Tarte, David De Roure and Pip Willcox.  2nd International Workshop on the Theory and Practice of Social Machines , in conjunction with WWW2014, Seoul, Korea, April 2014. Slideshare . Paper available on ORA .
  • Big Data meets Big Social: Social Machines and the Semantic Web   Invited talk at CrowdSem 2013 workshop, International Semantic Web Conference ISWC 2013, Sydney, 21st October 2013  PowerPoin t   SlideShare
  • Digital Research 2013 Data Science Panel Introduction  St Anne’s College, Oxford, 10th September 2013  PowerPoint Slideshare
  • What’s so different about Arts and Humanities data?  Research Data Management in the arts and humanities, St Anne’s College, Oxford, 3rd September 2013  PowerPoint
  • New Forms of Data and Scientific Research  59th   World Statistics Congress, 28 August 2013, Hong Kong PowerPoint   Slideshare
  • Towards Computational Research Objects  DPRMA 2013, 25 July 2013, Indianapolis  PowerPoint   Slideshare
  • Social Machines of Science and Scholarship  JCDL 2013, 25 July 2013, Indianapolis   PowerPoint  Slideshare
  • Scholarly Social Machines  DH@Ox Summer School 2013, 10 July 2012, Oxford  Slideshare
  • Social Machines  Second Open Global Systems Science Conference, 11 June  2013,  Brussels, Belgium   Slideshare
  • Web Scale Music Analysis:   A grand challenge in computational musicology -  keynote at International Conference on Computational Science (ICCS2013), 5 June 2013, Barcelona.   PowerPoint
  • 2066 and all that.  Keynote from Joint ORCID - Dryad Symposium on Research Attribution, St Anne's College Oxford, 23 May 2022   SlideShare
  • Observing Social Machines Part 1: What to Observe? SOCM workshop, WWW2013, May 2013.  Slideshare
  • Social Machines of Science,  Infosys, Bangalore, April 2013.  PowerPoint
  • Building Web Observatories,  Web Observatory Workshop, Bangalore, Apri 2013.  PowerPoint
  • Advances in Digital Scholarship,  AHRC Digital Transformations Moot, November 2010.  SlideShare
  • myExperiment and the Rise of Social Machines , hubbub2012, Indianapolis, September 2012.  SlideShare
  • SOCIAM - The Theory and Practice of Social Machines , e-Science Roundtable at GSLIS, University of Illionois at Urbana-Champaign, June 2012.  PowerPoint
  • Research on the Web: The Rise of New Digital Scholarship , Keynote at WEBIST 2012, Porto, April 2012.  PowerPoint PDF
  • Towards Web-Scale Analysis of Musical Structure , Music and Linked Data Workshop, London, May 2011.  SlideShare
  • The Evolution of e-Research: Machines, Methods and Music , Inaugural lecture at Oxford e-Research Centre, Thursday October 28, 2010.  PowerPoint ,  SlideShare .

Recent publications

See also  ORCID id 0000-0001-9074-3016 , full lists on  Google Scholar ,  Microsoft Academic Search  or  DBLP , and  ImpactStory .

  • S Tarte, P Wilcox, H Glaser, D De Roure. Archetypal Narratives in Social Machines: Approaching Sociality through Prosopography. ACM Web Science.
  • David De Roure, Clare Hooper, Kevin Page, Ségolène Tarte, Pip Willcox. Observing Social Machines Part 2: How to Observe? ACM Web Science
  • S Hettrick, M Antonioletti, L Carr, N Chue Hong, S Crouch, D De Roure, et al. UK Research Software Survey 2014, University of Edinburgh on behalf of Software Sustainability Institute.
  • D De Roure, G Klyne, KR Page, JPN Pybus, DM Weigl. Music and Science: Parallels in Production. Proceedings of the 2nd International Workshop on Digital Libraries for Musicology.
  • Jinhui Yao, Wei Tan, Surya Nepal, Shiping Chen, Jia Zhang, David De Roure, Carole A. Goble. ReputationNet: Reputation-Based Service Recommendation for e-Science. IEEE T. Services Computing 8(3): 439-452 (2015)
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  • Ségolène M. Tarte, David De Roure, and Pip Willcox. 2014. Working out the plot: the role of stories in social machines. In  Proceedings of the companion publication of the 23rd international conference on World wide web companion  (WWW Companion '14). International World Wide Web Conferences Steering Committee, Republic and Canton of Geneva, Switzerland, 909-914. DOI=10.1145/2567948.2578839 . .
  • Robert Simpson, Kevin R. Page, and David De Roure. 2014. Zooniverse: observing the world's largest citizen science platform. In  Proceedings of the companion publication of the 23rd international conference on World wide web companion  (WWW Companion '14). International World Wide Web Conferences Steering Committee, Republic and Canton of Geneva, Switzerland, 1049-1054. DOI=10.1145/2567948.2579215


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David was a founding member of the Intelligence, Agents, Multimedia group in the School of Electronics and Computer Science at University of Southampton before joining Oxford in July 2010. His Southampton papers can be found  here .

Social Media

Blog:  e-Research blog  on Nature Networks. Selected posts:

  • Pages of History  (the end of the article!)
  • Long Tail Research and the Rise of Social Machines
  • More Rs than Pirates  (reproducibility)


Pointers to research data

TEI Materiality experiment led by Pip Willcox using the Bodleian First Folio (licensed Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported), also available in myExperiment Pack 678:

  • Romeo and Juliet in TEI — download 
  • Page 53 PDF with aligned text (can search and copy) — download
  • Page 53 PDF with aligned text and materiality annotations derived from TEI — download
  • Example JavaScript to insert annotations — download 

A Tribute to Prof DW Barron (1935 - 2012)

In his  Inaugural Lecture  at University of Southampton in 1971, Professor of Computation  David W Barron (DWB) described himself as "only a second-generation computer man", because those who taught him were the ones who had invented computers - he had worked in Cambridge with  Maurice Wilkes ,  David Wheeler  and  Christopher Strachey . I guess that means the very many students who had the privilege of being taught by DWB are the third generation. And some of those (like yours truly) taught others who now teach, so we must be up to five or six now...

In 1963 DWB and colleagues published " The Main Features of CPL ". This was a key member of the rock family tree of programming languages: it led to BCPL, and then B, and then C... one of the most widely used programming languages of all time. DWB's books have also influenced generations, especially Recursive Techniques in Programming  published in 1968 (and then again, and again, ...)

My first lecture on my first day at University of Southampton in 1981 was given by DWB. Three years later he took me, a scientist, as a PhD student. I served my unix apprenticeship as we upgraded the PDP11/34 to  V7M . Later we were to teach "CM300 Programming Language Design" together for several years.

What I learned then I use to this day. My unix skills and thinking are as useful as ever (granted, my Mac is a bit more portable than the PDP!), my day-to-day research depends on the same scripting skills. And I hope I understand something about how to teach the next generation, perhaps even in DWB's distinctively  extempore  style.

In fact we have to ask whether the world has really changed that much! DWB's 1971 talk discussed computer science versus computer applications, a debate that persists to this day. It emphasised symbol-manipulation as well as number-crunching, the potential to do new things rather than just familiar things faster, and it talked about the importance of computing for arts-based students. All familiar. It also explained the case for the university to invest in a computer (citing £350k capital equipment and £100k running costs - even that sounds familiar today!)

The answer, I would suggest, is that there has been truly massive change, but that the groundwork of of generations 1 and 2 was really pretty amazing and so was DWB's forward-thinking. They literally defined the field.

I'll give DWB the final word, from 1971:

We are only witnessing the beginning of the changes in Society that the wide-scale use of computers will bring. The changes are not going to be comfortable, but it is the job of those of us in the University to ensure, by education and research, that they are not catastrophic. That is why I am in the game. And, to be honest, it is great fun too.

It's down to us now!

DDeR  (only a third-generation computer man)

(This tribute can also be found on  my blog  and on the  ECS memorial webpage  where others can leave comments.)