Collaborating with experts from different disciplines to harness innovative technology can drive research in new & exciting directions

The e-Research Centre's engagement in truly multidisciplinary research allows us to collaborate with partners from an incredibly large range of different disciplines, spanning University departments, regional and national initiatives, international partnerships and industry stakeholders.  The nature of our research and development often requires cooperation with colleagues driving international research agendas in their respective disciplines. Collaborations like this allow the Centre and our partners to make significant impact on a global basis.

The Centre forges relationships with businesses of all sizes across a range of industries, bringing benefits to both ourselves and our partners.

Science that would otherwise be impossible can sometimes be achieved via the seemingly simple act of bringing the public onboard as 'Citizen Scientists'

Work carried out in the physical sciences and engineering can have a vast impact on us all. Whether asking - and hopefully answering - big questions, helping us deal with big problems such as climate change & energy usage, or just making our everyday lives run more smoothly, the application of innovative computational technology can make a real difference.   

Projects across a diverse range of sciences - including biology, botany, zoology, biochemistry, medicine and others - that study the structural & functional organization of living organisms and their relationships to each other & the environment.

Oxford e-Research Centre is proud to be home to projects, websites and collaborations which cut across disciplinary and departmental boundaries, bringing cutting edge digital technologies to scholarship in the arts, humanities and social sciences.

Energy supply and climate change are among the biggest challenges facing us today. Working with both academic & industrial partners, we're looking for answers.