Energy & Environment


Energy and the Environment

Energy supply and climate change are among the biggest challenges facing us today. We are working with both academic and industrial partners on projects looking for ICT based solutions to some of these problems.

The technological challenges that face both issues are not insignificant. For example, managing energy use through ‘smart grids’ - a key tool for both consumers and suppliers - requires a sophisticated and secure infrastructure. Equally daunting are the huge computational resources required to successfully model climate change. The Centre plays a key role in finding solutions for these problems and more.

How can exploiting information from smart meters can benefit both energy suppliers & their customers? ADEPT looks to answer this question...

Climate modelling takes immense computational resources. - the world's largest climate experiment - uses just standard PCs...

Whether you want to collaborate with us on an energy or climate based project, or just want to find out more, please get in touch!

Current Projects

EMPPACK (Energy Measurement and Profiling PACKage), is a flexible and extensible software framework for profiling, quantifying and analysing the energy and power consumption of software applications.
Providing a tool kit to facilitate standards compliant collection, curation and local management of experiments in the life-sciences
The Ontology for Biomedical Investigations (OBI) project is an international, collaborative effort to build an integrated ontology for the description of biological and clinical investigations.
a web-based catalogue to centralize bioscience data policies, reporting standards and links to other related portals; and a communication forum to maintain linkages between funders, journals & standardization leaders
Creating better climate models requires vast amounts of computing power. uses a screensaver to combine the power of thousands of ordinary computers, each tackling one small but key part of the problem.
Modern systems are increasingly energy efficient but carbon emissions, constantly increasing energy prices and recent changes in legislations drive a desire to minimise the overall energy consumption of computing.
Many situations require traceable accuracy of data when it passes from the provider to different analysis communities. MyTrustedCloud is working with energy suppliers to construct a prototype of trust-capable cloud infrastructure

Past Projects

The UK National Grid Service (NGS) is a national consortium of computational and data resource that makes use of defined open standard grid interfaces to provide services to academia.
The Low Carbon ICT project will develop a 'wake-on-LAN' (WoL) service to reduce the University of Oxford’s carbon footprint that results from the operation of its ICT infrastructure.
Existing electricity distribution management systems (DMS) have been designed using operational and algorithmic procedures that are highly centralised.
This pilot will deliver a public-private hybrid cloud architecture and two demonstrators providing higher level services for the support of research.
“How complicated can, or should, a dynamic electricity tariff be?” ADEPT looks at how information smart meters might potentially be exploited to the advantage of both network operator & customer.