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Digital research beyond the hard sciences

Oxford e-Research Centre is proud to be home to projects, websites and collaborations which cut across disciplinary and departmental boundaries, and bring cutting edge digital technologies to scholarship in the arts, humanities and social sciences.

The Centre hosts Digital Social Research, the Digital Humanities at Oxford, the CLAROS ancient art portal, and the Cultural Heritage Programme, and is the home in the UK for the CLARIN European research infrastructure for language resources and technologies

The Cultural Heritage Programme is a collaboration between Humanities, Social Sciences & Mathematics, Physical & Life Sciences and Museums & Collections

Digital Humanities at Oxford is an online hub for activities, resources and facilities in the digital scholarship in the humanities and related disciplines in the University.

If you would like to find out more about our work in the arts, humanities & social sciences or are interested in collaborating with us, please get in touch.

Current Projects

Enriching a broadcaster's programme resources using Linked Data: the BBC Early Music Show and Early Music Online
Exploring 18th Century commonplacing - the extraction and organisation of quotations and other passages for later recall and reuse - using sequence alignment algorithms & large-scale visual analytics.
Aiming to give society the ability to build the next generation of ‘social machines’ – with capabilities ranging from solving routine tasks to handling emergencies.
Facing the challenge of bridging the gap between the complexity of the real world and that of software systems.
Building a researcher network focussed upon ethical issues in ICT through a baseline study to understand and analyse current perceptions of ethics in new technologies.
Oxford probably has more Digital Humanities activity than any other UK institution, but dispersed between the different parts of the University. The Digital.Humanities@Oxford site aims to raise the internal and external profile of Oxford's wide expertise in this area.
CLARIN is building a pan-European research infrastructure of connected and supported tools and services based on open access and shared services, to allow detailed and complex exploration of linguistic data.

Past Projects

The UK National Grid Service (NGS) is a national consortium of computational and data resource that makes use of defined open standard grid interfaces to provide services to academia.
Exploring how advanced visualization techniques might enable those in the humanities & social sciences use their enormous domain knowledge in tandem with the computational and memorizing capability of computers.
The Image, Text, Interpretation: e-Science, Technology and Documents project (also known as eSAD: e-Science and Ancient Documents) aims to use computing technologies to aid experts in reading ancient documents in their complex task.
The UK e-Science programme has enabled large scale, multidisciplinary research to be carried out across academic and commercial institutions, and across institutional and national boundaries.
Examining the coming breakthroughs in e-science that could have wider social and economic implications in other sectors of society
Working to maximise the uptake, use and impact of new e-technologies across the social science community, to support world-class social science research.
Bringing innovative information and communications technologies to teaching and research in the Humanities
The EngLaId (‘English Landscape and Identities’) project analyses change and continuity in the English landscape from the middle Bronze Age (c. 1500 BC) to the Domesday survey (c. 1086 AD).
The Bamboo Technology Project is creating applications that will directly support the research and teaching of scholars in the Humanities, meeting needs that were identified during an earlier 18 month planning process involving many institutions around the world.