About Us

The University of Oxford's e-Research Centre leads digital research and drives innovation in technology. We connect disciplines, applications and computation to accelerate research and collaboration within the University, nationally and internationally. 
The Centre provides a world-leading environment that enables collaborative research, interfacing innovative technologies across academic & commercial partnerships to address the grand challenges of today and the future.

Since its establishment in 2006 the Oxford e-Research Centre has grown to be an internationally prestigious team of over 50 multidisciplinary researchers committed to accelerating research through innovative technology.

The Centre is home to a wide portfolio of research projects in the sciences,  social sciences, humanities, technology and research infrastructure development.

We are currently collaborating with over 20 research units across the University, leading a consortium of six University groups through e-Research South and building research collaborations  in  the USA, Australasia  and Europe.

Research in the Centre is built upon close collaboration with researchers from different disciplines.

Research in the Centre is built upon close collaboration with researchers from different disciplines. By capturing and incorporating existing work practices, we provide unifying technologies and infrastructure that enhance and further the capabilities of each researcher, allowing them to accelerate their research and answer bigger questions faster than ever before.

Underpinning successful research

The synergy between research and the technological infrastructure required to support it is a key focus for the e-Research Centre. Our diverse portfolio of projects sets the requirements for research computing infrastructure within Oxford, nationally and at an international level.

To date the e-Research Centre has developed and supported a number of research computing services including research & development computing systems (Microsoft Cluster, Cloud service & GPU cluster), distributed computing (OxGrid & Volunteer Computing) and high-performance computing, through ARC, the University's Advanced Research Computing Facility (previously known as Oxford Supercomputing Centre)

Forming succesful collaborations means seeing things from more than just a technical perspective

Bringing technological and research expertise together

The Centre includes specialists in a wide range of technologies ranging from scientific and visual computing to e-infrastructure and data repository and management. However, to form successful collaborations it is important to see things from more than a technical perspective and our team has expertise working across a wide range of disciplines as well. These include, amongst others; the physical sciences and engineering: arts, humanities and social sciences; energy and environment; and the biological and medical sciences.

Introducing new ways of thinking

Each year a number of established scholars, industry leaders, practitioners, and policy makers of distinction or outstanding promise are welcomed as part of our visitor programme. This is designed to give Visiting Fellows the opportunity to collaborate on the development of innovative technologies to accelerate research.